Hi, my name is Emily St*, and this is my personal website, the latest in a series of many sites I’ve had through the years. I make my living as a programmer in Portland, Oregon, and I intermittently write and talk about technology, amateur astronomy, and other topics.

A few of my more popularly read posts may be found here.

Let me tell you a few other things about me as a person.

  • I hope to one day write for a wider audience, teach, and tell stories—all at the same time, if I can manage it.
  • I’m learning each day how better to empathize with people different from me, reduce harm, and work toward kindness.
  • I’m queer. I take a cavalier attitude about it, mostly. It has been a mixed experience in my life.
  • I’m really bad at jokes, but I still like to try. I appreciate awful jokes often, as long as they don’t hurt anyone.
  • I like learning how things work, and I especially like being able to change how they work, if it helps.
  • I value clarity and humility from teachers above all, and I value curiosity and humility from students above all.
  • I’m interested in evidence-based inquiry into the universe. At the same time, I’m equally interested in the limits of such forms of inquiry. I value the mystery as much as the answer.
  • I’m fascinated by space and astrophysics and like to do astronomy as a hobby.
  • I like to privately photograph and write down my life as it passes so that I can share and revisit where I’ve been. Some of it ends up here, but most doesn’t.
  • And since everyone wonders about this! The name I give out online (Emily St) is a shortened form of my legal name which I give out instead of the whole thing, and when I can, I use a big, honkin’ asterisk to drive this point home.

You’ve probably noticed that I don’t support comments in any form on my site. Instead, you’re welcome to write comments on your own platform, wherever that may be, and link back here.

If you’d like to send me a message directly, any email directed at this domain will land in my inbox. (Use my public key if you’d like to encrypt a message meant for me.)

Otherwise, it’s pretty easy to find me on the web if you want to reach me or talk to me directly. I use some variant of the username “emilyst” on the web in most places these days. For instance, you can find me on Twitter that way.