PGP Public Key

If you want to send me an encrypted message or verify something I’ve digitally signed, use my PGP public key. My public key can be found on most public PGP servers using my e-mail address (“hello” at this site’s domain) or my public key’s fingerprint shown below. I’m also on Keybase. If you prefer, my public key is also available for direct download by clicking the fingerprint below. Your favorite PGP software should know what to do with it.

A98B 83DA 6DA9 FFA0 216E E495 E24D 7968 03FC 1BB5

If you’re not sure what this means and you’re curious, this key is meant to be used as part of an encryption standard called OpenPGP which lets people

  • trust messages I sign as coming from me,
  • trust that signed messages haven’t been modified, and
  • send me encrypted messages with the same assurances.

I use my private key (from the same key pair) to sign commits I’ve made and e-mails that I write, when practical. On e-mails, these come as little attachments by the name of “signature.asc” which can be ignored by most people otherwise.

I also welcome encrypted messages via e-mail, text, or IRC made with my public key if you have any reason to need to communicate with me in a way that no one else can read.